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ArcheAge Servers to Open This Afternoon After Additional Short Delays

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After announcing a one day delay in server times, Kakao Games announced that there would be an additional delay in the launch of the ArcheAge servers. 

The plan announced this morning was that the delay would be an additional three hours, and the team announced a start time of 1 PM Eastern because they discovered a new minor issue. However, a short time ago, they announced on Twitter that there would be an additional one hour delay. So the server time is expected up at around 2 PM Eastern, pending any further issues.

Along with the planned server openings, there are full patch notes for today’s update, showing a new skill set, Spelldance, representing Naima, a member of the Expedition and based on the dancer's skills in order to buff and help your allies.

There’s also a new dungeon, Blackthorn Prison, a growth dungeon where you need to grow the actual dungeon up to level 12 in order to max out your rewards. There's an item called the Black Thorn Enhancer which you can use on a Black Thorn Key, and once you do that you’ll be able to choose your dungeon level challenge. The higher you go, the better your awards will be. This dungeon is for up to five players at minimum level 55. The growth level will reset every week on maintenance day and you will lose all enhancers and keys so be sure to use them.

The notes also include a look ahead to a 2022 roadmap. In addition to new region, the Great Plains, changes possibly to come include new growth skill sets, like Spelldance, and tuning the balance overall. They want to also revamp and expand the proficiency system for harvesting and also link it to the resident system. They are looking to enhance the guild and co-op play, including a PvE guild dungeon and a guild PvP arena.

You can read the full extensive patch notes over at ArcheAge.


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