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ArcheAge Sends Players Off to the Eastern Hiram Mountains

Suzie Ford Updated: Posted:
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The patch notes for the Echoes of Hiram update to ArcheAge have been published on the game's official site. Most notably, players will be taking off for the Eastern Hiram mountains and enjoy a new level 55 cap (up from 34). In addition, players can compete for a place on the leaderboard to "show the highest Ancestral level on a server". Those who are below the average level on the Top 20 leaderboard will get a spiffy hunting buff to help out when leveling.

Players will also find new ways to improve gear and to "awaken" the Legendary Mistsong Summit armor. The Abyssal Library also offers players a way to get better gear. 

Pet Collection fans can also grab some new achievements that, when all are collected, will yield an Ellam pet as a reward.

Check out the full update notes on the ArcheAge site.


Suzie Ford

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