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ArcheAge Roadmap Outline Reveals Fairy Race, Arena Revamps, and Work on Global Cooperative Play

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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ArcheAge is adding two new ranking systems, revamping the Arena, opening up new tiers for Erenor Accessories, and planning on a new Global Arena beta and a  number of other improvements.

The look ahead from the team serves as a roadmap outline,  and includes items that we'll see this year, and one that we’ll have to wait until 2024 to get. The 2024 announcement is the much-requested Fairy race, which will be all-female, from Goldleaf Forest in Nuia, and be faction-neutral as a base.They’ll be able to choose their own factions later.

The 2023 outline includes several features that will arrive much sooner. The two new ranking systems are Enthusiastic Achiever and Diligent Spender. For the first, ranks are based on total Honor Points/XP/Vocation Badges earned during a certain period. The second counts ranks based on how many Honor Points/Vocation/Labor spent during a time period. For the competitive among the community, this is another way to rank up.

The Arena is getting an overhaul, with refreshed versions of “The Fall of Hiram City” and “Skyfin Nest”, along with new schedules. “The Fall of Hiram City” will only be open on Friday and Sunday, and Normal and Hard modes will be replaced with a combined, shorter single mode. “Skyfin Nest” will be separated from “Golden Plains Battle” so these become two separate choices to enter.

A series of other improvements are coming. Quest limits will be expanded to 150. More Vocation content is coming. Faction Activity points will be getting adjustments across all content, in favor of greater points for content directly tied to faction activity. There are also some security tweaks coming, including against influencing scoring. The Exile system will also change to letmore players be exiled,expanding capacity.

The Global Arena beta is also something the team is planning to open during the first half of the year. This would open options across EU, NA, Korea, SA, and Taiwan servers to play together.

All the details are subject to change, but this is aimed as a start for more content.

“We are planning to launch a beta version with the event arena "Make a Splash" during the first half of this year, then keep expanding the game with cooperation content, competition content, faction war, etc.” Community feedback will be key.

Read the full update and roadmap outline at ArcheAge.


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