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ArcheAge Reveals Update: Garden of the Gods: Ipnysh Sanctuary, Releases August 13th

Get your Ipnysh Together

Steven Weber Posted:
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Gamigo has been working hard on the world of Erenor and on August 13th 2020, you’ll be able to see the fruits of their labor, maybe even literally, in the new update for ArcheAge, Garden of the Gods: The Ipnysh Sanctuary. The new update is poised to introduce a new dungeon, new gear, and challenging enemies.

The update to ArcheAge will also provide some discounts to ArcheAge Unchained players that are looking to purchase the Garden of the Gods content. The new dungeon for The Ipnysh Sanctuary update is on Aegis Island, but you will have to battle your way through the main storyline in the Garden of the Gods expansion first before you will be able to take on that challenge and earn Immortal Warden gear that is said to contain the abilities to augment players’ skills.

Mistsong Banquet is also available, and in its second season, for players that want to thunder cannon some enemies for some much-needed de-stressing wanton destruction. New rewards have been added for the Mistsong Banquet for the second season.

Garden of the Gods will also add a new feature that will grant skills to heroes of buffs to faction members in their battle against enemies. Finally, as with most patches of note, some balance changes are coming to several skillsets such as Vitalism and Swiftblade in order to make them more diverse and unique.

If you’re wondering how far ArcheAge has come, it might behoove you to read the short reflection on what went on in 2019. More recently you might want to learn about the Hero Elections that began earlier this month.


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