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ArcheAge Reveals UCC Compensation for Wynn, Jergant, and Kaylin

Plus claim free (unrelated) gifts

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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ArcheAge has outlined compensation for Wynn, Jergant, and Kaylin. Here are the details.

The compensation was actually announced back in February, but the actual delivery of compensation is here. In effect, you’ll be granted 3x Packs of 5 Bound Crest Brainstorms as recompense for the UCC issues earlier.

If you have characters on Wynn, Jergant, or Kaylin, you’ll be able to check your Glyph account page where you’ll see a 0 credit purchase (aka free) for the items listed above.

Additionally, until March 12, you can receive free gifts including the Cogwheel Longboard or Steel Lightning, free Decyrstallization Scrolls, and more. Here are the gifts:

  • Scroll: 7-Day Cogwheel Longboard – Free! *
  • 7-Day Steel Lightning – Free! *
  • Decrystallization Scroll – Free! **

* 1 per account

** 2 per account


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