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ArcheAge Reveals More Details on the Fresh Start Servers Opening December 15th

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After some time for community feedback on aspects of the feature, ArcheAge is ready to roll out its Fresh Start server on December 15th. There will be events to start everyone off, including global challenges, a new Malamute dog battle pet, and more incentives during the event to speed progression in the fresh territory.

The event period will officially begin with the opening of the Fresh Start server on December 15th, but before that date, if you subscribe to the ArcheAge newsletter (or already have subscribed) on the 15th, you’ll get Striker, a Malamute dog that’s your new battle pet. 

Once the servers open, you can create one character per account on the new server. With the decision to focus on the conflict between the Nuia Alliance and Haranya Alliance, there won’t be Pirate faction involvement. Fresh Start will be opening across regions, with Korean and Asian servers along with North America and EU, all with the same system. This means that if you want to you can compete or cooperate with players and other regions who will get the same content at the same time.

There will be daily consumable support as a login gift every day and a whole bunch of growth benefits that include useful items, ArchePass XP boosts you can get for free once per day, and even rewarding  competitive events. Some of the event types are global, which reinforces the reasons why they are running the same Fresh Start servers in different regions.

Getting to start on fresh servers is something that we’re seeing often recently as an event type. It’s an interesting and rewarding experience since these are usually limited time servers with boosted progression, but in familiar territory for most. ArcheAge narrows the focus to the central conflict and using content gating this time to discourage barrelling ahead to create a more balanced experience.

Head to ArcheAge for more details on the Fresh Start server.


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