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ArcheAge Removes 229 Billion In Exploited Gold From In-Game Economy

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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In the latest round of bans, Kakao has announced it has removed billions of in-game gold from the economy after a recent gold exploit in ArcheAge ran wild in the game. The move comes as part of a recent banwave by the company to crack down on gold sellers in the MMORPG.

Kakao states that the latest gold exploit was actually one present on the servers before Gamigo transferred the server to Kakao, and as a result it saw billions of gold flood the marketplace. The ArcheAge publisher says that this exploit is no longer functional, but the gold was still there. 

"Additionally, it has come to our attention that there was a gold duping exploit active for a brief period of time on the old servers before the service transfer. While this method is no longer working, we were able to find that a large portion of the duped gold was still present on the evolution servers, and have worked to identify and remove these assets."

In a banwave that has seen ArcheAge cull over 400 accounts, the result is seeing 229.5 billion gold from the exploit vanish from the economy. The publisher has a detailed list of how much gold was removed from each server, as well as a break down of both RMT sellers and buyer accounts that were banned as a result of the hammer crashing down in Erenor.

The post ends with Kakao cautioning players to "resist" the urge to buy "services" from players, as they could see themselves on the underside of the banhammer the next time this type of purge happens. 

In addition to the banwave, Kakao has detailed the patch notes for the current update that sees UI changes based on player feedback, as well as changed the loot tables for Serpentis. You can check those out here. Earlier this week, Kakao also announced that players who lost items in the recent transfer process would see their replacement, however in the form of stats and not the items themselves.


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