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ArcheAge PTS Patch Notes Feature New Ancestral Skills

All of the skills

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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PTS patch notes for ArcheAge have been shared showing off new Ancestral skills and more.

The patch also discusses the faction activity ranking system, Pirate: Hour of Raiders buff, Charybis new raid boss, Stillwater Gulf Instance, Serpentis Instance, Sea of Drowned Love instance, specialty changes, aging larder changes, and more.

As for those new Ancestral skills? Here they are:

Battlerage: Frenzy - Ancestral Level 16 Flame:Mana: 110Range: Caster onlyCast Time: InstantCooldown: 1min 30sec

Sorcery: Magic Circle - Ancestral Level 16 Quake:Mana: 78Range: Caster onlyCast Time: InstantCooldown: 21sec

Songcraft: Dissonance - Ancestral Level 16 Lightning:Mana: 49Range: 20mMagic Attack: +149%Cast Time: InstantCooldown: 30sec

Swiftblade: Blade Flurry - Ancestral Level 1 Wave:Mana: 12Range: Caster onlyEffect Range: 4mMelee Attack: +110%Cast Time: Instant

Swiftblade: Sinster Strike - Ancestral Level 1 Wave:Mana: 27Range: 4mEffect Range: 4mMelee Attack: +250%Cast Time: InstantCooldown: 24sec

Swiftblade: Blink - Ancestral Level 1 Mist:Mana: 23Range: 9mEffect Range: 3mCast Time: InstantCooldown: 35sec


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