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ArcheAge Players Can Delve Deeper Into the Long-Forgotten Past of Hiram

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ArcheAge players can now set off to learn more about Hiram thanks to the addition of the new story questline, Western Hiram Mountains. Content includes a new 15-20 player instance (Fall of Hiram City), the new Noryette Challenge dungeon, changes to the Red Dragon's Keep, bug fixes and feature enhancements.

  • Newly added story quests
  • Level requirement Ancestral Level 1+
  • Quest line starts at the NPC Encio on the map “Western Hiram Mountains” close to the border to Reedwind.
  • Long time ago the inhabitants of the Hiram have hidden in the Hiram Cave to protect themselves from the danger waiting outside. Just recently they opened the entrance to their cave reaching out for the help of the Crimson Watch. The player is sent to aid them and gets to know the whole story that lies behind the people of the Hiram.
  • Once the final quest has been completed, players will be rewarded with a special Owlina mount.

Read the full update notes on the ArcheAge site.


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