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ArcheAge Opens the Zodiac Festival, as Kakao Games Updates With 22,000 Exploit Bans

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There’s a new update for ArcheAge out today, bringing the Zodiac Festival and some adjustments to Exile conditions, along with bug fixes. Kakao Games has also updated on the investigation and efforts to punish those that used a major recent exploit.

Following up on the last Banwave update, Kakao Games has announced that they have now banned 21,638 alt accounts for using the exploit and 629 main accounts. Once again, they have asked for some patience in order to complete the ongoing investigations into the matter. This comes as some players with locked accounts are wondering when they might have an idea of if they’ll get them back. Yet, all accounts they’ve locked so far in order to keep investigating will stay locked as they complete the work. For those that can access their accounts comes a warning not to interact or use any object that might have been obtained from an exploit, since this may also trigger a lock and add to the accounts that require investigation.

New conditions for Exile have been eased a bit, coming in the form of a reduction in minimum equipment points needed, from 10,000 to 9,000 and no language proficiency needed. Capacity has been increased to a minimum of 30 people for Exile, with capacity growing as the faction level does. Faction activity was also affected, with the Exile condition now adjusted to 25% difference between factions, down from 30%.

Another inclusion in the update looks to join some other restrictions for fresh start servers to make the game fairer. Only those with Ancestral level 30 or higher can access housing storage on fresh start servers. Bug fixes in this update make it so a few missions can now be completed and the Glaring Eyes teleport scroll has its correct animation. 

The Zodiac Festival will run from today through January 13th and turns Sozreed Peninsula into a Peace Zone for the event grounds. There are daily quests for each of the festival days, divided into several themes around the coming Lunar New Year and the 12 constellations. For completing these, you’ll get festival coins tradeable for decorative items, new gear like the Duskglow Waistcoat Ensemble, charms, and more.

For the full patch notes and event details, see the announcement over at ArcheAge.


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