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ArcheAge Opens Hallowtide Season With Costumes, Rewards, and Extra Adventures To Enjoy

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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ArcheAge is the latest game joining in on the Halloween fun. This festive October update features the returning Hallowtide Season, a Golden Reward, and even a rewarding cute time you'll spend helping a friend for rewards.

The event is set to go live today, October 14th, and have something for everyone. Like to compete? Well if you're level 50 and above, enter the arenas for chances to win Nayah Luna boxes. But if you're less PvP inclined, you can take part in instances to also have a chance to walk away with that loot.These boxes will net you varying amounts of gold, from 100 to 400 depending on the size of the box you win.

There are also additions to the shop that can let you dress up for the spookiest of seasons. A Hallowtide Costume Crate can drop costumes and items like the Pumpkin charmer or Bloodmaw Eveningwear, to Hallowtide Feast table, Tricked Treat balloons, house decor, and more. One of the most practical items is the Spooky Anywhere warehouse, which lets you store your items on the go, in a festive way.

As for the additional adventures, you can help inspire Ralph the Daru to become the adventurer he longs to be. Meet Ralph on Mirage Isle and travel around completing daily quests or taking part in large scale battles and world events in order to get Adventure Coins. How will you help Ralph with these coins? Well, he'll help you with gear you can trade your coins for, including scrolls, charms, stones, item and accessory crates and more.  

For more on the October update and events, see the ArcheAge event update here.


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