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ArcheAge Opening Up New Fresh Start Servers on December 15th

Initial details are out for the fresh start

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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Following a period of community feedback, Kakao Games has announced a new Fresh Start server for ArcheAge will open on December 15th. New details have been confirmed as to what to expect from the server event this time around when it opens next month.

Fresh Start servers are popping up all over right now, and this can certainly be a way to freshen things up for the community and also make it easier for new players to get on board. The ArcheAge team heard feedback regarding feeling like getting into the live servers and making progress felt like too much of an obstacle sometimes. This is something that does make sense, especially with so many MMORPGs out there. You might find a home somewhere, then decide to try something else but getting to where you’re competitive is a struggle, and then maybe new content hits.

ArcheAge’s fresh start server will offer progression bonuses and focus the core of the experience on the conflict between Nuia and Haranya, so the Pirate faction won’t be included. This way faction PvP can be front and center, along with the boosted leveling experience.

To support leveling progression, there will be what they call “extensive boosts”, with details on specifics to come, but also additional rewards like level achievement crates to push you further along in notching new levels. Included in these crates will be useful items like infusions and Luna charms. With the focus of the experience being faction PvP, these will also help you get to a viable gearscore.

One question the team answered in the announcement of the December 15th server open date is there will be content gating this time around.  They've decided to keep the content gates to let players who don’t start exactly on opening day to have a chance to catch up a bit before everyone moves on. Kakao will reveal details on the content gates over the next few weeks, as well as boost information, events schedule, and of course the very competitive Land Rush.

Read the full announcement over at ArcheAge.


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