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ArcheAge Opening Second Content Gate For Current Fresh Start Servers This Week

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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 There’s progress coming on ArcheAge’s Fresh Start servers. The next content gate will be opening up this Thursday and there are details on what we can expect from this update.

While opening up Fresh Start in full has hit a few snags along the way, this is progress for those who have been playing on the ones that have been open since December. The update on Thursday will fully open up the Red Dragon’s Keep dungeon, which will see up to 50 players be able to go and work towards taking on the red dragon itself. If it has been a while, you’ll want to keep away from the tail and strong AoE attacks that could devastate groups. If you win though, you can walk away with the Red Dragon Pouch.

Also coming is the opening of the Faction Honor Arena. That’s right, this ArcheAge PvP arena battlefield is back and will open with this update. Defeat other players and win some fights in order to gain honor and fame and be the pride of your faction.

Other additions with the update include the full opening of the Eastern Hiram Mountains, and inclusion of the full Awakened Erenor Hiram Guardian Equipment T4 and Deranged Bookroom T2. The broadening of gear availability is fitting with the dungeon and PvP additions. Full open is also coming for Chronicle Quests, Exile Claim Area, Siege, and Faction Alliance content. The level cap is also being removed for Farmhand. Another difference is that for events, the Limited Permanent Return Event Equal Reward Change is coming.

The progress in adding to Fresh Start has taken a little time, and the rest of Fresh Start will be sorted in the future, but Kakao Games is continuing to work towards its goals. The update will be live this week. You can see the full description and chart of changes over at ArcheAge.


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