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ArcheAge Marketplace Update Includes Dances, Penguin Crates

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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New sales are available on the ArcheAge marketplace following a holiday update. Here are the details.

Several dances are on sale:

  • Dance: Dogeza – 1200 Credits
  • Dance: Charming Dance – 1200 Credits
  • Dance: Elegant Dance – 1200 Credits

As are a couple of battle penguin pets:

  • Miroir Penguin Crate – 450 Credits
    • The Miroir Penguin you’ve obtained through the crate can be traded but the Penguin for Loyalty is bound on pickup
  • Wrapped Miroir Penguin – 650 Loyalty
    • A visual bug regarding a non functional skill slot in the skill UI of the Miroir Penguin has been already reported to XL

Additional items include:

  • Wrapped Grim Reaver + Battle Pet Accessory Ticket – 3000 Credits
  • Wrpaped Narayana Squire + Battle Pet Accessory Ticket – 3000 Credits
  • Wrapped Conker’s Cube + Battle Pet Accessory Ticket – 3000 Credits
  • Wrapped Mr Mittens – 3500 Credits
  • Lucky Hiram Infusion Box – 400 Credits
    • Purchase limited to 1 per day per account

The sale ends January 9 so take a look at the marketplace before then if you’re interested.


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