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ArcheAge Is Hosting An Event As Part Of Its Latest Landrush

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Starting today and running through January 1st, ArcheAge players can take part in an event that coincides with its latest landrush push.

The event itself is part of the landrush going on for the two fresh start servers of Melisara and Gene, and will involve players plopping down houses on the new plots to enter the contest. The event is based on the size of your abode, with the larger houses available to win more than the smallest plots. 

Effectively, if you build a house, you'll enter for a chance to get a reward in the form of bound tax certificates, housing decorations and more. There are a limited number of winners available in each category, and only the largest building in your account will be eligible. Also, and this is apparently important, gardens are not included in the event.

The two fresh start servers went live earlier this month, giving players a chance to start anew or join the MMO without fearing being super behind others on the more populated servers. The land rush itself starts today and runs through January 1st, giving players the chance to stake their claim to a plot of digital land in the MMORPG on one of the two fresh start servers. 


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