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ArcheAge Gets Two New Archepasses and Celebrates Ninth Anniversary With Puzzles and Loot

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ArcheAge has a new update with fixes, two new Archepasses, and the beginning of the 9th anniversary event is here to puzzle everyone.

The ninth anniversary event: Puzzle King Jigsoo’s Invitation begins today and runs through January 27th. Puzzle King Jigsoo is here with puzzles for you to solve. The event, which is open to level 30+, runs at different times and lasts for about 15 minutes per round. When competing, you’ll have three puzzles to solve. If you do, you’ll get some Jigsoo coins to exchange for rewards later.

Depending on what the puzzle requires, you’ll have to finish them by matching colors, leaving a certain number of participants there, or something else. Messages during the event will let you know what you need to do. If you can’t solve the puzzle or you don’t solve it in time and fail, you can choose to try again or you can abandon the class and select a reward. While the event is running you can also do daily quests for Jigsoo coins and complete a repeatable quest for even more coins. Some of the items you can get for coins include image items like the Ornate Golden Mask or the Pure White Mask, Adventurous Winged Elixir, or the Rose Carriage for 180 coins. 

The first of the new Archepasses is called the Siege Weapon Archepass. You can get both new passes (regular or premium) in the shop or use an Advanced Archepass upgrade ticket to upgrade. The second new pass is called Silica’s Gift. Leveling this one up also gets you items like the Gilda Star and Fruit of Effort but you can also get the Wreath Sprite Silica, which is a battle pet that will throw some yarn at your target and bind them. You can even get the Woolly Fluffy Coat or Snowflake Wings.

For more on the new Archepass options and the full list of rewards for both regular and premium options, head over to ArcheAge.


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