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ArcheAge Fresh Start is Live, Details on Content Rollout Revealed, Including Land Rush

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ArcheAge has a new Fresh Start server opening today, and Kakao has shared details about the progression benefits, events, and what to expect from the gradual rollout of content for the server.

The Fresh Start server is officially live, and the content will be gated to make sure that players don't progress so fast that they overwhelm the servers and the environment becomes unfriendly for anyone starting later. This is part of the ruleset that the team settled on with some community input. Things will focus on the conflict between  the Nuia Alliance and Haranya Alliance, and the Pirate Faction won’t be included. You’ll also need to complete content to be able to learn and use continental dialects. 

Other rules include only one character per count on the new server for now, although they will consider additional characters on these servers later and will announce details. There will be several server competitive events and global events that will include all of the Fresh Start servers from the Korean, North American and Europe, as well as Asia.

As far as content gating, there will be another opening on December 29th, giving those on the server two weeks before other stuff begins to be accessible. There's plenty of content that goes live today with the server opening up, including certain equipment available, dungeons, the Eastern Hiram Mountains region, the Kraken raid, Chronicle quests, and more stuff as well, with December 29th update currently scheduled to open up the Golden Plains Battle Faction Arena as well as the Red Dragon's Keep. Other content openings are pending and will be announced later.

One of the big announcements that we now have timing for is Land Rush. This will  open up on December 27th at 8 PM CET for EU servers and 8 PM PST for North America.

For more on the Fresh Start servers, content, and the first promo code for goodies, head to ArcheAge.


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