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ArcheAge Event Gets You Pets, Pajamas, And A Plushie

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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A new event in ArcheAge will give you the opportunity to obtain new pets, pajamas, and a Yata plushie.

The ongoing event, ending August 2, will allow you the chance for unique in-game rewards, according to a blog post on Trion Worlds’ site. You’ll be able to choose between three different pets, such as the Hellhound, Grim Reaver, and Narayana Squire. These will be available in the Manastorm Ticket: Dynamic Duo bundle for 2500 credits.

Additionally, new pajamas are available. The Rousing Rabbit Pajama Package will run 3800 credits and includes a Rousing Rabbit Pajama Top, Rousing Rabbit Pajama Bottoms, Rousing Rabbit Mittens, Rousing Rabbit Slippers, and a Rousing Rabbit Sleepmask.

A Temper pack is also available for 2500 credits and includes a Bound Anchoring Temper Charm, Resplendent Solar Temper, and a Resplendent Lunar Temper.

Finally a Naptime Yata Plushie is available for 3000 credits. For additional details, check out the full post.


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