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ArcheAge Celebrates 7th Anniversary and Brings Back Synthesis Event

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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ArcheAge is celebrating its 7th anniversary across ArcheAge and ArcheAge Unchained with events, giveaways, special 7th anniversary loot, a quest and more.

The anniversary events are live and will be running all month, ending on September 30th. Before then, logging in and clicking a button on the lower left of the screen will get you a special 7th Anniversary Coin once every 30 minutes, for a maximum of 10 times per palyer per day. You can use these coins for rewards via exchange on Mirage Isle. You can get even more coins by completing a level 30 daily quest from Jake Doll in Mirage Isle. 

Some of the items you can trade your coins for include the 7th Anniversary Headband for one coin. Trading for this headband will also get you the special 7th Anniversary Event Achievement, for the collectors out there. Since you’ll be able to unlock this all just by logging in and pressing a button, this will set you up with a special anniversary title and icon to show off.  Other available items include 7th Anniversary Decor, Honorable Victory Rank 5, and Bound Serendipity Stone.

At the end of the month, the special coins, trade ability, and the special quest will end. 

The Jake Doll will also be around to grant synthesis at discounted rates during most of September as well. You must find the Synthesis Fairy Jake NPC in the Hero Hall in your capital. and get near it. Then you'll be able to enjoy reductions from 10-50% on synthesis for your gear and weapons. Some special gear is excluded, but these rates should definitely help many make some progress.

The synthesis event, like all special events, will only last through September 23rd at 1AM UTC (9PM Eastern on September 22nd). find the list of applicable synthesis discount items and more info over at the Trion updates page.


Christina Gonzalez

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