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ArcheAge Begins New ArchePass Season, a Treasure Event, Balance Changes, and Kakao Clarifies Alt Policies

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The latest update for ArcheAge features improvements, balance changes, a new ArchePass season, and an event. Kakao Games is also clarifying policies on alts and what alt abuse is, saying that since taking over the publishing license, things were not clear enough.

The new ArchePass season is here, with the Inheritor pass season now open through September 1st.  There's also a new event, the Suspicious Treasure Chest event, located at the Castaway Strait over the next two weeks, through July 28th. Your first Patron character you log in with during event time will be sent four Treasure Chest hammers.

If you find the event NPCs, you'll get a daily quest for the event and one Treasure Chest rewarded for the quest completion. Rewards for the event include ArchePass upgrade tickets from Normal to Advanced, and Grand, Serendipity Stone Crates, and Rampage Chroma. 

Meanwhile, Kakao Games is taking the time to clarify its policies on alts and what constitutes alt abuse and prohibited action:

“Over the course of the past few months, we have come to see that our initial communication in regards to the usage of alt accounts may have been too unclear and has caused some confusion over what is acceptable and what is not. 

Due to the unpredictable nature of exploits as they are discovered, it is not possible for us to give an extensive all-inclusive list of infractions. Instead, we wish to clarify the general intent and reasoning behind our policies and actions.”

Of course, with any MMORPG, simply having alts to play and try out different stories, classes, races, or even looks, is standard, so this is permitted. What isn’t, is now officially outlined:

  • Using alts to mass-obtain more than the intended amount of giveaway/event items per player
  • Using alts to gain a considerable unfair advantage over other players, for little effort
  • Using alts to bypass intended in-game restrictions, or restrictions applied by our policies
  • Using alts for the express purpose of disturbing others and their gameplay

One example cited is the current Risopoda world event, which is intended to be a safe and non disputed event, getting some to make characters to throw it off balance. Kakao will make decisions case by case, but it’s always easier to start with a defined set of rules.

Read the patch notes for the update here at ArcheAge.


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