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ArcheAge Banwave Continues Cleaning Up After Gold Exploit, With a New FAQ on The Process

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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Kakao Games continues working through reporting and other means of catching RMT sellers and buyers in ArcheAge. In the latest round of the ongoing banwave updates, there have been more buyer accounts banned this time around, but there are some explanations for this new development. Kakao has also provided a new FAQ about the ongoing efforts to help keep the game fairer, especially following a gold dupe exploit that they had to act to remove billions of gold from the economy recently.

This week’s update is a continuation of the gold dupe exploit work, with the number of RMT buyers hitting 440 accounts across four servers. While this is high, they determined that most of these were created as dummy accounts to follow the exploited gold that had been sold by those that had been banned in the January 27th update. Most of the 440 accounts received large sums of gold for nothing in return and were flagged as suspicious, while others bought gold on these accounts and transferred it to their main account.

When it comes to the integrity of a game’s economy, Kakao has been working on addressing the exploited gold dupe more intensely. Yet they point out that they had to be careful to be sure that these were not just legitimate trades.

After several weeks of regular updates on the work to combat RMT buying and selling, as well as punishing exploiters, there’s a FAQ covering the process. One question asks"

How much gold can we safely trade between accounts? We don’t work with a set threshold on gold amount. What matters is the source of this gold, and whether it’s legitimate or not.

Others focus on the way only some servers get banwave updates each week, or whether Evolution and Fresh Start servers having very different pricing is relevant. They also go through how the appeals process works. The cleanup from the gld exploit is still not done, but ArcheAge’s process is a bit clearer for all. 


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