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ArcheAge Bans over 11,000 Accounts for Exploits and RMT and Kakao Promises More to Come

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Since the transition to publishing ArcheAge and ArcheAge: Unchained  early this month, Kakao Games has posted an update on recent exploits and bans. In a post called “Banwave”, they announced that over 11,000 accounts had been banned for RMT and exploits, with more to come.

These bans break down into over 10,700 alone just for exploits on alts. Given that 11,000 accounts have been banned, some as alts and some as main accounts, in addition to 323 accounts of those being for RMT spamming and sales, this list is yet incomplete. The announcement of these mass bans also indicates that they’re still investigating a number of other accounts for similar infractions and expect to be announcing more bans and suspensions in the coming weeks.

The ArcheAge  community was particularly affected recently by exploits that were taken advantage of in large numbers, with alts being made to grab bonuses. This reflects the number of bans being made to alts. Community outcry helped lead to these internal investigations and they are requesting some patience as they complete them. It’s only now that the team has announced the depth of its response as well as letting everyone know that there’s more to come because they want to attempt to run a fair game for all. 

For ArcheAge, which is wrapping up the year with holiday events, going into 2022 the Kakao team seems to be working to stay on top of things. With recent changes to land grab times and delaying or reducing bonuses on fresh start servers a few weeks ago to prevent potential exploits, they do seem to be keeping proactive towards the goal of keeping the game fairer. Though the community response continues to be some of the most important input as to making the continued transition a better one. 

See the full update at ArcheAge.


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