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ArcheAge and ArcheAge Unchained Delayed Land Rush Next Week, Kakao Prepared to Monitor for Exploits

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For the upcoming Land Rush for both ArcheAge and ArcheAge: Unchained, there have been some updates based on player feedback about security as well as time slots. The original date has been postponed and Land Rush will now begin on December 18th.

When it comes to  Land Rush, players were concerned that people could come in and hikers might swoop in and claim the land once the servers were open, but the Kakao Games team says they will be monitoring everything closely with a special eye out for server exploits. If they catch someone doing that, the house will be demolished and the account will be penalized in some way. There's no info on what the punishment will be other than house demolition but they do seem prepared to watch over the process.

Land Rush will occur on both new and existing servers, with staggered entry times for various regions. Auroria Land Rush will happen at the same time as the normal one, so you may need to choose your priority. Housing areas will be as normal and not put into Peace during the Land Rush time frames. You can see all of the scheduled entry times and regions here.

In the latest update for ArcheAge, there were a series of fixes and changes, including a change to remove the cooldown from the Guild Base Teleportation Device. Also for Guild Bases, they can now be built at Grand Housing Provinces and exclusive provinces for houses. The waiting times to delete characters have also been restored to prior lengths following the launch. Under level 10, will be 10 minutes, 10-29, 1 day, and over 30, is now 7 days.

Overall, the transition of ArcheAge and ArcheAge: Unchained to Kakao Games is still unfolding, with the main servers up and accessible and Land Rush coming next week. For more on the latest patch notes, access them here.


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