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ArcheAge 2 Announced, Running On Unreal Engine 5

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Announced via the Korean gaming media (via MMOCulture), Jake Song officially announced ArcheAge 2 was in the works. Also announced was the upcoming Korean MMO would utilize Epic's latest Unreal Engine 5 technology to build the game.

While the team at XLGames felt confident to announce that ArcheAge 2 was indeed in the works, not much is really known yet about the game itself. Via interviews translated by MMO Culture, ArcheAge 2's still in the prototyping phase, with the team still deciding on the key features as well as testing gameplay. Additionally, Jake Song talked about one of the key design principles - "freedom" and how it's intrinsically part of the ArcheAge experience. 

The ArcheAge 2 lead also reminisced on the development of the original ArcheAge, calling himself "greedy" when it came to making sure all gamers were satisfied instead of honing in on a core group of ArcheAge fans. Because of this, the interviews talk about Song's desire to hone in on what makes ArcheAge 2's core and improving on that instead of simply tacking system over system onto the MMO.

ArcheAge 2 will also take place in the same world as the orignial ArcheAge  franchise, though in a different time and dimension. While the details are scant now, Song mentions that we should know more in the "first half of 2021."

Ta, MMOCulture.

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