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Arcanum Revealed

Suzie Ford Posted:
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Sony Online Entertainment has successfully deployed Update 58: Arcanum Revealed to all Everquest 2 servers. Arcanum Revealed brings on line a brand new zone, new quests and rare loot among many other improvements. To grab the latest game version, simply log into the game to begin the download.

  • New Rare Dungeon Drops - The only place you can get the new Arcanum armor pieces or Fetidspine Prowler mount are in the Unseen Arcanum. Collect all the pieces for a matching set!
  • Seven Year Veteran Reward - Mistmoore Crag Estate - Nestled in the mountains overlooking Loping Plains, this beautiful mansion was built for the guests of Mayong Mistmoore himself. Now empty, it is available to those who sign a mysterious contract.
  • Mount Appearance Window - Store mount whistles in a separate inventory and equip any of your mount stats with any of your mount appearances.

Read the full update notes here.


Suzie Ford

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