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Aragorn And Arwen's Wedding Coming To The Lord of the Rings Online

New Gundabad Expansion Slated For 2021

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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In a Q&A with fans at PAX East this past weekend, fans of The Lord of the Rings Online were given a treat as Executive Producer Rob "Severlin" Ciccolini confirmed Arwen and Aragorn's wedding coming as well as a new Gundabad-themed expansion.

In a hastily recorded YouTube video (as reported by MMO Central), Ciccolini detailed some of the future plans the team has for it's Middle-earth themed MMORPG, including the upcoming nuptials of two of The Lord of the Rings' most iconic characters: Arwen and Aragorn. 

Additionally, Ciccolini made mention of some of the upcoming content beyond the wedding, including a story that focuses more on dwarves - specifically the Legacy of Durin with major updates to the 2020 story. This could culminate in a Gundabad-themed expansion in Spring 2021. Ciccolini also answered questions from LotRO fans, confirming the team is working on a fix to the game's lackluster Legendary System. Ciccolini confirmed they are working to add a short-term "update to assist players" with getting Scrolls of Empowerment more easily at endgame, as well as looking at implementing an all new-essence based system in the future, though no hard plans since the system is still in the planning phases. 

You can check out the announcements and the Q&A in the video below.


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