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April Fool's Day Round Up

Posted Apr 01, 2017 by Catherine Daro

April Fool's Day Round Up

As everybody undoubtedly knows, today is April Fool's Day, a day that many game developers love to celebrate with weird and (sometimes) funny antics. We'll be keeping track of as many as we can find, but be sure to leave a comment if you see one that we've missed.

Black Desert Online - Black Spirit Limited Edition Whisky. Pearl Abyss and Kakao Games sent out the word that the game's first anniversary would be celebrated with a special brand of alcohol called "Black Spirit", after the game's character.

Eve Online - The Upwell Organic Mass Granulator. After a battle, you’ll be able to deploy an Organic Mass Granulator on the battlefield alongside your Regular Mobile Tractor Unit, and it will tractor in and collect all the unfortunate souls who were unlucky enough to be pod killed during the melee.

RuneScape - "UnScape" - start at the top, head to the bottom - "We are excited to announce UnScape, an all new game mode we have been secretly working on! Low score tables, un-achievements, the fabulous min-cape; check out this video for all the details on how you can get involved in the new un-challenging mode which is UnScape!"

Champions Online FoxBat Returns - "FoxbatCon is back! Get your hero on by dressing for the occasion, including Cartoon Gloves and Rocket Backpack costumes. Or, make your nemesis dress the part with the Cowboyification Ray, switching their costume to Cowboy Hat and Cowboy Boots! Of course, you can always drop 10 tons."

War Thunder ditches WWII game play and goes modern! "After serious preparation, we’ve begun to expand War Thunder’s research trees up to rank IX. Additionally, we’re introducing a brand new vehicle type - combat helicopters!"

Aion - Project Curfew - "Project Curfew is the manifestation of Gameforge's will to make a statement together with players about environmental protection and for more sleep. Together with our players, we want to actively combat the excessive consumption of electricity and fight for a healthy day/night rhythm!"

World of Warships to become - Get more of your World of Warships fix with top-notch editorials and listicles. Look forward to compelling pieces such as: 8 Disney Princesses Reimagined as Soviet Destroyers, "Pink Players are the New Unicum" Claims Warships Pro, 5 French Cruisers TOO CUTE FOR WORDS!, 17 Toys from Your Childhood You'll Never See Again (Because We Shot Them With Battleship HE Rounds), Tell Us Your Carrier Win/Loss Ratio and We'll Tell You Which Girls Character You Are

Wizard101 - The "Coolest" Mount Ever -  "Stop. Collaborate and listen, Wizard101 is back with a brand new invention! A mount your Wizard grabs hold of tightly, flow like a river daily and nightly. Will it ever stop? Yo, I don't know. But come see the Coolest Mount Ever and watch it go! Ice Ice Wizzy, The Spiral's Ice Ice Wizzy!"

Orcs Must Die! Unchained - Bunch-a-Hunks Skin Pack - "Everybody's always hungry for a sexy skin pack, so feast your eyes on the Bunch-a-Hunks! Let your eyes linger on these sweet, crunchy morsels, brought to you by our dev team just to satiate you."

StarCraft 2 - Co-op mutation -  “I see your doubt, your fear. You are so alone. Mewling in the darkness, trying to find a good Co-op partner. Let me release you. All of you, from the suffering of the weekly mutation challenges. The Infinite Cycle of strife and anguish is at its end!”

Maingear Computers - "the world’s first VR Backpack with the full performance of a desktop PC. Experience true un-tethered VR with up to 30 seconds of high performance game-play supported by the FREEDOM’s massive battery pack. Weighing less then 125lbs and with an incredibly slim 27’x26’x12’ inch profile , the FREEDOM will keep you agile in even the most demanding VR titles."

Neverwinter - New class: DEVELOPER! - "Now every hero can Play with the Devs! This new class will offer players an immersive Development experience while adventuring through Neverwinter. Make interesting decisions as you play, justify them to your party members, and use a new visibility-based threat building mechanic! Powerful defensive abilities, such as Blinders, allow the Developer to ignore incoming damage for a time as well. "

WarframeMoonlight Threshcone - "Sourced from the Orokin forests here on Earth*, each Collector's Moonlight Threshcone proudly stands 10 inches tall and is painstakingly inspected, cleared of insects and debris then covered with a durable, non-flaking gold luster. "

World of Warcraft - 7.8.0 Patch Notes - "Very strange things are happening in Duskwood, and it's up to you to investigate the disappearance of a local boy. Team up with an all-star cast of heroes, including a mysterious girl, several of the boy's friends, and the boy's mother (as portrayed by the wonderfully talented Onona Windrider).  The story plays out in eight chapters, which you can experience at your own pace, but we know you're just going to binge them all weekend anyway."


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