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Apple Going After Epic for Damages

It keeps going

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The saga between Epic and Apple continues as Apple is now going after Epic for damages.

This all started with Fortnite being pulled from the App Store after Epic breached the App Store contract. You can catch up on that here. Following this, Apple terminated dev accounts and dev tools for iOS and Mac.

Gamasutra provided an update explaining that Apple filed counterclaims against Epic specifying breach of contract and seeking damages. We don’t know how large these damages are either. Apple views revenue from Epic’s payment method – which caused Apple to pull the game – as ill-gotten gains.

Epic, meanwhile says Apple’s behavior is anti-competitive by refusing external storefronts and alternative payment methods. Apple says,

“There is nothing anti-competitive about charging a commission for others to use one’s service. Many platforms—including Epic’s own app marketplace and Unreal Engine—do just that.”

It doesn’t look like this saga will end anytime soon, with consumers ultimately left holding the bag.


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