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Apparently Final Fantasy's Creator Beat FFXIV's ARR In 16 Days, Heavensward Just A Couple Days Later

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Creator of the Final Fantasy series Hironobu Sakaguchi is apparently the type of MMO player we all want in our group, as the legendary game developer has burned through Final Fantasy XIV's original content and first DLC in a matter of days.

One of the major complaints for players who want to get into the incredibly story-driven MMORPG is that the early content is kind of a slog. It's a bit easier now thanks to recent updates, but the process of burning through that much content can still take a while for even the most ardent MMO player.

Not so for Hironobu Sakaguchi, who worked as director and co-writer for the first Final Fantasy game. Initially reported by Fanbyte, the Final Fantasy developer took only 16 days to get through A Realm Reborn, and recently completed Heavensward - which considering the developer only started playing the MMO back on September 27th, it's quite the accomplishment.

Tweeting back on October 12th that he was gearing up for Heavensward, it would mean that Sakaguchi burned through  A Relam Reborn in just 16 days. However, shockingly the developer tweeted two days later on October 14th that he had finished the first DLC of the MMO. In two days

Considering that Endwalker is almost upon us, launching on November 23rd, it might be possible for Sakaguchi to catch up to the latest content by the time it releases if he keeps to this pace. Though, as our own Victoria predicts, it may take a minute. However, as Fanbyte points out, it seems he has slowed a bit. Still, his Twitter account is full of screenshots from his journey in Final Fantasy XIV. It's going to be fun to watch Mr. Sakaguchi continue his journeys in Eorzea.


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