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Apparently Diablo Immortal Takes About $110K To Fully Max Out

Microtransactions everywhere

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One of the major issues surrounding Diablo Immortal since its launch last week has been centered on its microtransactions. Thanks to some maths and an intrepid YouTuber, we know now around how much you'll need to spend if you want to buy your way to power.

The video comes to us from Bellular News (via Gamerant), with the YouTuber breaking down just how much players will need to spend if they want to "progress" to a fully-maxed out character. According to Bellular News, to progress using the ARPG's Legendary Gems, which are only available if you spend money, you'll need to fork over $110K USD in order to get the max-tier character you're looking for.

Players are, as you'd expect, none too happy about the revelation. This hasn't stopped the Diablo mobile title from rocketing to the top of the Apple iOS App Store, though. Players have been up in arms ever since the full breadth of microtransactions have started to become known, with Reddit aflame with memes and angry players showing their distate for what is clearly a convoluted system aimed at getting players to open their wallets.

Other Reddit users are trying to get a petition going to get Blizzard to change how microtransactions in Diablo Immortal operate.

Diablo Immortal was always going to have microtransactions, especially as it's built as a free-to-play mobile title first with a really barebones PC port. However, the extent of how predatory these microtransactions feel to many might have shocked some, though not all. Whether or not this means Diablo Immortal will have the staying power Blizzard is hoping for or not remains to be seen as, while Gems are clearly the way to progress beyond the cap in the traditional F2P sense, Blizzard is still not technically selling gear directly to players. 

This hasn't stopped many from feeling that the only way to truly experience Diablo Immortal is by emptying their bank accounts, especially as Gems, integral to the traditional Diablo experience, has been turned into the means to sell to players. Paul Tassi of Forbes has even gone on to state that Immortal's microtrasactions are "ten times worse" than even Genshin Impact's, another title that has been criticized for how they handle their premium currency.

Over the weekend, Game Director Wyatt Cheng has tried to do some damage control, stating that he made it rather clear that you can advance gems through paying for the right to do so. He states in a Twitter thread that "not being able to buy gear [...] or XP remains important to the team." Though even the response to Cheng's defense has been less than rosy, with Reddit users accusing Cheng of "gaslighting."

You can check out the full video from Bellular News below.


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