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Apkallu Race Revealed Along with 'Modular Models'

Catherine Daro Posted:
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The City of Titans site has been updated with a look at the Apkallu race, "a race of superhuman fishman". In addition to revealing much of their lore and origin, the site also takes a look at the modular characters models that allow for interesting additions to the Apkallu in the form of Monster Heads, Tattoos, "Pit Wings" and Asymmetric Costume Pieces.

As we've briefly mentioned before, our character model is itself modular, which means we can swap arms, legs and even heads for things like robot or monster parts. Apkallu marks the first implementation of the “Monster Heads” we will have in the game. These heads tend to be unique and are affected by certain choices made on the player character’s skin. For example a character with metallic skin, will also carry the skin qualities over to the other organic parts of the character, with protruding costume pieces such as fins, pit wings, spikes and such. While we aim for quite a few monster heads to be able to share details with the rest of the body, it is a challenge with vastly different heads such as worm and snake heads.

Read the full post on the City of Titans site.


Catherine Daro