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Apex Legends Takes You to a Spider-Filled Paradise in Stormpoint, the First New Map in a Year

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The new update for Apex Legends will be available next Tuesday, November 2 and it is quite the update indeed. EA has released a new gameplay trailer showing off some of what Respawn is getting ready to release. The location could almost be paradise except for what’s waiting.

There’s a beach, the ocean, and more to take in but it’s also home to some really nasty creatures that you’ll be have to be prepared for. Be ready to turn paradise into traps, choke points, and whatever you can use to your advantage. There’s also a new look at the CAR SMG,  a new addition to have fun with. Another new addition? The newest Legend, Ash.

Of course, there’s business to be done in paradise, so there’s only so much time to enjoy the beach.There are gravity cannons all over the island. Get in one’s path and it will launch you in a particular direction. You’ll have a chance to get to know where you end up in order to create your strategies. While you are traveling in the air though, you’ll be able to use all your weapons, grenades, ultimates and anything else at your control. And, as you are boosted up in a direction, you’ll be able to have direction, some control over where you land.

Don’t forget the danger in the wild though. There are Prowlers, and there are also spiders. A lot of them waiting to pursue with speed if you’re not careful. The spiders won’t attack you unless you actually disturb their nests though, so if you want to avoid them, there should be a way to do so. There are also Flyers in the sky that spawn in random places. Since you’ll also most likely be taking advantage of being propelled through the air on this first new map in a year, it pays to mind the skies too.

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