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Apex Legends Season 6 Lands August 18, Along with New Legend 'Rampart'

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Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Apex Legends is set to release Season 6, called Boosted, on August 18, in addition to a new Legend called Rampart.

Rampart is described as a 21-year-old British-Indian and private business owner. She carries with her a heavy-mounted turret and a backpack containing scrap metal. Additionally, she’s voiced by Anjali Bhimani, who you may recognize as the voice of Symmetra in Overwatch.

As for Season 6 – Boosted, you can collect materials around the Apex Legends map and build something better if you don’t like your existing gear. Players can also look forward to a new energy SMG (the Volt), a Battle Pass with over 100 new items, including Legendary Skins and holo-sprays, as well the start of Ranked Series 5.

You can learn more about Season 6 – Boosted here. additionally, be sure to check out the trailer for Season 6 below, along with a look at their newest Legend, Rampart:


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