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Apex Legends Adds New Narrative Questline Event Type, Apex Chronicles

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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Respawn and EA have announced that Apex Legends will get a brand new event type, Apex Chronicles, tomorrow. These are smaller, story based events that will bring bits of narrative into the Apex experience. Here’s how the first one will work and what you can expect as you try the new event.

The first Apex Chronicle starts tomorrow, September 29th, and it's called Old Ways, New Dawn. Choose Bloodhound and you'll get the opportunity to take a new adventure. Start by seeking out the white raven.

You'll battle it out in a non-ranked battle royale match and this will activate the quest. Fulfilling the objectives will all take place on World's Edge. Once started, you'll follow Bloodhound in an attempt to save someone and also to deal with some guilt over the past and the state of their home world.

You'll have to play as Bloodhound through the quest, giving you a different point of view with some story content to add to what's going on. Everyone on the questline will be assigned their own unique paths through the challenges, so don't worry about chasing down other Bloodhound players who seem like they're also after the same objectives. This should give everyone who wants to try the new feature enough room to do so. It’s a good idea, especially with the intention of the event to focus on story and adding something different to the battle royale title. It’s a thoughtful detail. And if you're unable to finish everything in one shot, you'll have the option to pick up where you left off. 

There are Bloodhound Apex packs and Battle Pass Stars to earn for your trouble. This may be the start of narrative content to enrich Apex Legends, but it seems like something they plan to continue and perhaps expand on in the future. For more details, check out the official announcement.


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