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AnyCubic Announces Black Friday Sales on 3D Printers

Emily Byrnes Updated: Posted:
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I think every gamer at one point has thought about getting themselves a 3D printer, whether it’s to print beloved replicas of their favorite characters, or custom miniatures for their tabletop games. Luckily for those who have been thinking about getting into the hobby, Anycubic is having a great sale on their line of filament and resin 3D printers. Even their Cure and Wash Station is on sale! There are a ton of sales going on, but here are a few of our favorites.

Photon S

$379 $99

For printers on a budget, Anycubic is currently offering their Photon S resin printer for the jaw-dropping price of $99 (down from $379). If you’ve been looking to make the switch from filament to resin or just want to dabble in resin printing, this might be a good option for you or a great present for a loved one this holiday season. Anycubic also has a bundle available for the Photon S that includes 1kg of resin and 2 STL files, so if you’re serious about making the jump you might prefer to invest just a bit more money to go ahead and grab the extra materials.

Photon Mono

$269.00 $169.00

For more seasoned printers that are looking to upgrade, you may be more interested in the Photon Mono which has a few more quality of life features like a larger printing plate, faster print speeds, and a more durable LCD screen. The Photon Mono is probably where most printers would begin their journey as it’s a good mid-way point between the Photon and Photon Mono X.          

Photon Mono X

$759 $499

Now the Photon Mono X, while a definite investment, is a great improvement over the original Photon Mono. With the ability to print at 4K, printing speeds faster than 3x that of its predecessor, a much larger space for printing, uv cooling system, and the ability to control the process from your phone, the Photon Mono X has a ton of quality-of-life improvements for the veteran printer. Finally, you can print that giant Tiamat statue you’ve had your eyes on for some time!

Mystery Boxes: Both Resin and PLA!

Personally, I love all blind bags and loot boxes, and Anycubic even has mystery boxes in both resin and PLA to scratch that itch. If you’re struggling to find inspiration for a new project or just want to discover some new favorites this is a great opportunity to splurge. Resin is typically a little more expensive than PLA, so I’d suggest taking a shot at the resin mystery box if you have a resin printer.


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