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Anthem Under Fire for Loot Issues, BioWare Responds & Says It's Not Happy Either

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The Anthem Reddit is a hotbed of angry players since the last update applied a number of changes to the loot system which did not, according to the community, make significant enough changes. Several posters on Reddit and in other locations have suggested boycotting Anthem until further changes are made to the loot system to make it more lucrative, particularly at endgame. BioWare has responded, with Head of Live Service Chad Robertson lamenting that BW is't "fully happy" either.

Anthem Redditor "Harishcs" wrote a lengthy post outlining what he believes are critical issues with Anthem, both as a game, particularly with regard to loot, and in the way that BioWare is communicating with its players.

Discord especially was filled with a bunch of blue named (dev) messages every time I went into any channel, there were devs having casual talk, devs asking for opinions, devs asking about people's javelin colors and even devs who wanted to team up and play the game with the community.

Where did all of that go? Right now this subreddit and the fanbase in general suffers from lack of knowledge about a game they paid money for even through the fact that your previous game had major failures and your parent company happens to be the most despised company in all of gaming.

The post continues with lengthy thoughts about BioWare's lack of focus on major issues, keeping patch notes unseen until deployment, how he believes the company did not learn from Andromeda, the "EA issue" and many others. 

The key issue for Harishcs and for many in the Anthem community is the lack of loot diversity and availability. Without more plentiful, more meaningful, loot, many lack motivation to continue to play. After all, one poster wrote, the game is billed as a "looter shooter".

Later in the same thread, Community Manager Jesse Anderson weighed in with thoughts on communication and said that BioWare is aware of and reading player feedback.

Loot though? All I can do is point out what studio leadership shares on channels. They are very aware of all the conversation going on around loot and when they have more details to share, they will.

What changes BioWare has in mind for Anthem's loot problem are as-yet unknown. We'll be keeping eyes on the situation.

What are your thoughts on Anthem's loot? Let us know!

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