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Anthem Team to Show Off Fort Tarsis & the Reworked Lost Arcanist Mission

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BioWare Lead Producer Mike Gamble and the Anthem team will be hosting a special live stream event on Thursday, November 29th to show off Fort Tarsis, the player's in-game base of operations, and the retooled Lost Arcanist mission that was shown earlier this year. The event will kick off in the Anthem Twitch channel at 1:00 pm Pacific / 4:00 pm Eastern.

About Fort Tarsis:

Fort Tarsis will also serve as the central location for you to pick up your next mission. With agents from all the major factions, it’s only a matter of time before someone comes calling with your next Freelancer contract. While you can pick up some missions from the safety of your strider (your four-story-tall mobile base), others have to be done face-to-face in Fort Tarsis. Just watch your back – some of these agents aren’t exactly upstanding citizens.

Fort Tarsis is where you’ll get a chance to rest after a long mission and talk with the locals about what’s going on in the world, too. You’ll find plenty of friendly faces (and plenty more unfriendly ones) to engage with, and it’s worthwhile to watch as the citizens of Fort Tarsis react to your choices out in the world as well as in conversation here behind the walls.

Not only does Fort Tarsis stand as a symbol of how far humanity has come, but it will be your window to greatness on your journey to becoming a Freelancer worthy of the legacy of General Tarsis. Who knows what other secrets you’ll uncover within these fortified walls?

If you'd like to get a peek at the Lost Arcanist mission that was shown during the Paris Games Week in October, check out the video below.


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