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Anthem PS4 Players Receiving Full Refunds Due to Technical Issues....Sorta

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It appears that PlayStation 4 players are experiencing a number of technical issues with Anthem with players flocking to the Anthem Reddit to voice their concerns. Issues include rampant crashes and system shut downs that can damage the console. As a result, it appears that Sony is aware of the issues its customers are facing and is offering full refunds with a "no questions asked" policy

However, it should be taken with a healthy dose of "maybe" as it appears that several customers are not able to get refunds when in a chat with Sony Customer Support. Some believe that Sony will offer this type of refund "once". "They basically told me to go f**k myself because I had a refund on Castlevania last year." one Redditor wrote. Others are recommending a phone call over online chat.

Have you experienced the crashing issues mentioned on Reddit? Have you attempted to get a refund and were you successful? Let us know!

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