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Anthem Now A Part of EA and Origin Access

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Bioware's looter shooter, Anthem, has navigated its way onto EA and Origin Access, Electronic Arts announced, marking another point on its journey.

To say Anthem has struggled would be stating the obvious, and the inclusion in the Vault on EA or Origin Access could be a sign that Electronic Arts is trying to inject some much needed bodies into what was once considered a tent pole title for the publishing house. 

If you’re an EA Access or Origin Access subscriber all you need to do is start your download and soon you’ll be able to soar through the air and unleash your power in the RangerInterceptorColossus, or Storm javelins. These incredible armored suits, your skills, and your raw courage are all that stand between humanity and the many dangers of the beautiful but deadly world of Anthem. 

The timing of the inclusion isn't shocking either - Anthem's timed Cataclysm event is going on right now and this move could simply be a way to get more players in front of what was to be Anthem's flagship event before the time runs out. Regardless of reasons, eager players can download the Anthem Standard Edition on The Vault today, so long as you have an active Origin or EA Access subscription. Origin Access Premier subscribers will have access to the Legion of Dawn Edition. 


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