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Another Day, Another Gold Dupe Found in New World While Fix for Stuck Transfers Added

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One of the more frustrating aspects about Amazon Game Studios' release of New World  has been the consistent bug fixes needed to keep the game in working order. Yesterday, Amazon disabled all wealth transfers in order to fix a gold duplication bug, only for a new one to surface as a result. 

The new exploit was noted by the community (and PC Gamer)  and involves upgrades, therefore it doesn't actually require gold transfer between players to work. Amazon has warned that players found taking advantage of gold duplication bugs will be punished with a ban. That warning was posted in response to yesterday's exploit and prior ones, but with this new one, there have been no announcements just yet. 

Some in the community are noting that this latest exploit is sometimes potentially easy to trigger by accident so it remains to be seen just how things might go.  Whether or not this particular bug, when performed as an exploit, will also be met with a ban is still unknown.

New World released just over a month ago, and as the community remains frustrated by some of these bugs and exploits disrupting their ability to play the game normally, Amazon does seem to keep trying to work and be on top of these issues as much as possible. 

Keeping a promise on a different fix, the community manager updated today that they made changes to let players who were initially blocked from server transfers due to contracts coming up as active or stuck.  This should hopefully allow those players who got stuck during their original transfer attempts to send their characters to a new server now.

In the meantime, should Amazon have a comment on the latest round of gold duplication bugs and the impact on the game, how long wealth transfers might still be disabled, or anything else in the new round of changes, we'll have an update.


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