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Animated Diablo Netflix Series Trademark Confirms That It's Still a Thing

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In September of last year, Andy Cosby (Hellboy animated series) inadvertently leaked news of a Diablo animated series for Netflix for which he would be the showrunner. Since then, there has been tons of Diablo-related news, but nothing more has been said about the series. However, a new Diablo trademark registration has popped up that reads, "Downloadable films and movies featuring narratives based on a video game and provided via a video-on-demand service". 

The application was filed by Blizzard Entertainment on March 8, 2019. 

Andy Cosby further fueled rumors with a cryptic tweet a few days later about a "super secret project" that further adds to the speculation.

Hopefully, we'll learn more soon.

Via BlizzPro


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