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Angels of the Zariman is Warframe's Next Expansion, With Post-New War Update Coming Soon

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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 Plans for the first half of 2022 in Warframe are now clearer. A recent dev stream reflected on The New War, as well as announced the next major expansion and some additional updates for a replayable The New War.

Next month’s Echoes of War,  update 31.1, will be out on all platforms on February 9th. This update will start the road to the next major update with an emphasis on improvements and replayability for The New War.

Angels of the Zariman is the next chapter, with release aimed for the spring. There will be two new game modes, a new quest taking place directly post-New War, and a new Warframe as well as a promised deeper dive into lore. There are also quality-of-life reworks including a rework of Eximus. the intention here is to give Eximus a clear visual identity to understand by seeing them how and why they affect your gameplay. They will also be getting a little tougher but balanced with better rewards.

But first, Echoes of War, where there are changes to weapon spawning RNG for the Lich and Sisters of Parvos systems. If you don't kill a Progenitor the weapon it would have offered gets removed from the potential spawn pool and if you reject a weapon, that happens as well. This reduces potential weapon spawns overtime for each Lich and sister loop so that will help you get the weapons you want. Also in the update are four new augments: Frost, Gauss, Grendel, and Yareli, which award bonuses from critical chance buffs to elemental damage, and more. 

Improvements are coming for both users with beefy rigs and lower capacity GPUs. Those users who are able to use enhanced graphics will be able to see a change in metal textures and more options. The scripting system is also being changed to be faster, which should help those with less capable CPUs. 

There were also some community questions that got answers. Cross-play and cross-save are two features that are in process, but need more time because of how technically complex it is to get right. The team will update when it's coming.  We also might see characters from act 1 of The New War in the future of Warframe. And Archons will be a  returning threat.

Find out all about the dev stream details here over at Warframe.


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