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Angela Game Asserts Ownership As Myth of Empires Delisted From Steam Amid Copyright Claims

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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This week, Myth of Empires was delisted from Steam, and the Angela Game team issued a statement about the recent events and what they are doing to respond.

Their statement confirmed that “Steam received allegations of suspected copyright infringement concerning Myth of Empires, and in accordance with the DMCA and to exempt itself from liability, has temporarily removed Myth of Empires from its store”. Following this, they request patience while they sort the situation out and assert that Angela Game owns all rights and property associated with the game. They are in discussions with Steam in order to try and resolve the issue, but for now the game is still unavailable while they do so. 

Of course when the game became unavailable, there were rumors about who might be responsible for the copyright strike claims and why, with some guessing that there was a possible dispute over source code.. While Angela Game has not revealed any details on where the source or nature of the claim, they updated again to ask people to remain patient and also to not try and name alleged companies or keep spreading rumors. This follow-up announcement called the most prevalent accusations inaccurate and attributed to the wrong company.

Sometimes  audiences take things to the extreme and start making serious complaints or even worse towards developers or publishers, and this seems to be where things are right now as the future of Myth of Empires is up in the air for the time being. Though Angela Game does seem optimistic about the outcome, and remains looking towards the future.

Their statement reflects this, “We are currently preparing a large number of content updates that cannot be brought online due to the current special circumstances, but players that have purchased Myth of Empires can rest assured that we are confident we will bring you a better gaming experience.”


Christina Gonzalez

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