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Ancient Ruins Season 2 Returns to Black Desert Mobile

New quest, new gear, and more

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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It looks like Ancient Ruin Season 2 is returning to Black Desert Mobile.

A new co-op boss raid mode, a new quest, tier 5 pets and new gear available for production will be featured in the latest update.

The Ancient Ruin Season 2 co-op boss raid mode is beginning its second season on Black Desert Mobile with an even more powerful boss, Kabuamilles who comes with the new title of “Protector.” By defeating Ancient Ruin, adventurers can look forward to more precious loot and knowledge on Kabuamilles up to level 50.

Additionally, if you completed the story quest in Southwest Calpheon, you can receive the Bounty Mission quest from the notice board. Completing the quest nets you rewards such as Black Stone, a Shakatu Exchange Certificate, and a Standard Palette. The randomized rewards for the quest will be different every time and can only be obtained twice a day.

The JIN Liverto is now available for production by blacksmiths at the camp. Adventurers will need Magical Residue and 2 pieces of Socket Mystical gear to produce the JIN Liverto Gear. This new gear is not just powerful, but also has one additional socket for a magical crystal.

Finally, Tier 5 pets can now be acquired by exchanging tier 4 pets. These pets boast unique skills such as raised attacking and defense points, more damage, and a higher filed silver drop rate.


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