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Anarchy in Paradise Patch Notes Released, Subscribers a Go

Suzie Ford Updated: Posted:
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Star Wars: The Old Republic players interested in checking out the Anarchy in Paradise patch notes can head to the official site to see what will be packed in the v4.1 update that continues the story set forth in Knights of the Fallen Empire. Anarchy in Paradise will be launching on February 11th for all players, while those who were subscribers as of February 1st can start the journey today.

New Alliance Alert: Arma Rasa! Players who were subscribed on January 11th will find a new Alliance Alert on February 9th which will enable them to acquire the recently-restored HK-55!

New Alliance Alert: Little Boss! Help Blizz and his new crew defeat a rival gang to bring him into your Alliance!

Crafting Update! With the release of 4.0 we made a pass at focusing and streamlining Crew Skills and with 4.1 we are continuing this effort. Higher Skill, new Materials, Schematics, Missions and more! See below for the full rundown.

Read the full update notes on the Star Wars: The Old Republic site.


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