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An Introduction to Taikodom

Jon Wood Posted:
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At the Austin Game Developer's Conference, Garrett Fuller spoke with Taikodom's Tarquinio Teles about the upcoming Brazilian-made MMO.

When you think of Brazil, you do not instantly think of video games. You think of soccer and carnival and amazing barbecue. Tarquinio Teles is trying to change that image. We got a chance to sit with Tarq and take a look at his game Taikodom here at AGDC. The game is live right now in Brazil and will soon be going global as part of Gamerfirst with K2 Network. Taikodom is a space fighter game with all the bells and whistles. Not only does the game look cool, this guy even has a book series and graphic novel ready to go with launch.

Taikodom takes place in the twenty third century. You have been woken up after years of hibernation and look to begin your career as a space pilot. There are two factions in outer space, the Spacers and the Belters. The Spacers are a bit more industrial, looking at expansion in a more economic way. The Belters are pure fighter pilots with fast ships and wild weapons. These two factions operate in an ever expanding universe with lots of options to explore.

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Jon Wood