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Amazon Shares New World Server Population Chart With Risk Level of Queues When Brimstone Sands is Live

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New World has been growing again recently, and the Brimstone Sands update is coming in just one week. Amazon has published a list of current servers, along with their general populations and the outlook for possible server queues once the new update is out.

With such a major update coming and the sustained growth and increased demand over recent weeks, having this general guide shows the potential for queues. All of the current servers are divided into three  color coded categories. Those in the red are at highest risk of queues and possible server locking. Those in the yellow are at medium risk, and those in the green are at the lowest risk. Some of the ones in the low risk green category are newly added servers.

With this list also comes an advisory for players who are playing on the  servers in the red category. Since these are at highest risk for server queues or even being locked due to demand, the New World team says that you might want to consider moving off of those servers if possible. Even if you stay put, it’s good advice to be sure your guild or friend group is already sorted on the right server in case demand means the high population servers might be locked for an unknown period.

The chart published is accurate as of yesterday and there’s a notice that this is subject to change, pending player migration.

Those players who had a character from launch through February 14th, 2022 will have received transfer tokens for free, but if you used your tokens, you’ll have to stay put or buy a new one. With the advice to move over, some in the community likely feel that another token would be a good idea, but so far it looks to remain a paid option.

For more, read the update over at New World.


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