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Amazon outlined player housing in New World earlier today in a lengthy news post over on the official site.

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Amazon outlined player housing in New World earlier today in a lengthy news post over on the official site.

Each settlement will have houses available for purchase. Additionally, the same player home location can be purchased by multiple players. You can have up to five guests in your own house by grouping up with someone and have them visit your home.

You’ll have to raise your standing within a settlement’s territory and reach level 20 to qualify for home ownership. To do this, perform daily activities for that territory like killing creatures, completing Faction Missions, working on Town Projects, and crafting items. Oh and you can own multiple homes.

House size and cost range, as do the locations of each house. You’ll be able to personalize your house with various items and decorative furniture at your disposal. Of course, you’ll have to pay a property tax for maintenance. You won’t get evicted for failure to pay, but mechanics like House Recall and Trophy Buffs will no longer function for you.

Buying a house means you can use it as a Recall point. Trophies will give you buffs once displayed in your home. Social benefits exist as well in a rather interesting way,

“To determine which home other player’s see by default, there is a competition behind the scenes. By decorating your house expertly and earning lots of Territory Standing, your house gets shown off to everyone that comes through a Settlement who does not own the same house as you. You can even see where you stand against other players that own the same house through the housing menu, so you know who your competition is.”


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