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Amazon Opens New World Fresh Start Servers and Puts the Game On Sale for 50% Off

There's also a streaming campaign event with Twitch Drops

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New World has begun opening up its Fresh Start Worlds, and Amazon has put the game on sale for 50% off to entice more folks into a freshly revamped Aeternum.

The sale, which brings the base version down to $19.99 (and deluxe to $24.99)  is on now through November 8th at 10 AM PST. 

The timing works with the new Fresh Start Worlds, which have begun rolling out according to the recently published schedule. There will be four opening phases in the various regions where these clean slate opportunities will exist. The first phase began at noon Eastern time and includes these fresh servers in US-East, US-West, Central Europe, and South America. At 1 PM, Central Europe and US-East were set to get a new server each, and two more phases are expected until a total of 13 servers open up across most regions.

With the sale and these clean-slate servers opening up, Amazon has also published a new player guide with tips for starting your journey in Aeternum, as well as highlighting the revamped starting experience that came with the recent Brimstone Sands update. This overhaul was grounded in community feedback and helped imagine the first 25 levels of the game in order to let people play together earlier and more often, viable pathways for soloers and those who prefer grouping, new points of interest, locations, and story related content. 

The announcement of the sale and the emphasis on the Fresh Start opportunity opening today, also comes with a list of what has changed, including the new zone an content in Brimstone Sands. 

There’s also the Return to Aeternum campaign, where streamers share their experiences on the new Fresh Start Worlds and compete to complete goals and prove who’s the best. There are four teams and the New World team has also planned Twitch Drops.

Read the announcement and details over at New World.


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