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Amazon Makes Small Tweaks New World PvP to Help Curb Potential Exploit, Buy Time to Fix Bugs, and Balance

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New World’s Arenas update launched yesterday, and Amazon is already having to take a few steps to counter unintended faster PvP progression, planning new limits and tweaks to Arenas, PvP XP, and Azoth Salts, as well as temporarily disabling the leaver penalty for some modes due to instability.

The update launched with PVP-centric introductions like 3v3 Arenas, which unlock at level 20, the new PvP ranking and rewards track, and new currencies PvP XP and Azoth Salts. Those two currencies are used to get your rewards as you progress through PVP activities. Some players have figured out how to use Faction Control Points to earn PVP rewards at an accelerated rate. So in order to counter this bit of exploitation until they can fix it, they're increasing the time it takes for a faction to capture a point. This will be a minimum of 10 minutes and a maximum of 15 minutes. Eventually,  Amazon will add daily limits  to how much PVP XP and Azoth Salt a player can get daily from capturing Faction Control Points. When they do that, they'll revert the time back.

Going in a slightly different direction, players have been giving feedback that the daily limit for earning Azoth Salt in Arenas is too limited. In this case, Amazon will be increasing the rewards since many players can participate in Arenas for hours a day so the daily cap will be 40 matches per day at this more generous reward level, before any subsequent rounds will be rewarded at 25%. This change is not implemented yet, but it will be coming.

Another change that Amazon has made Is to temporarily disable the leaver penalty on Outpost Rush or Arenas because of a bug that occurs when someone presses N to view the scoreboard accidentally kicking players out of the instance. 

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